Halloween - Vegan Style

Halloween - Vegan Style

Vegan Candy and Halloween: A Spooky Delight for All!

As the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp, Halloween enthusiasts of all ages eagerly anticipate the most haunted night of the year. It's a time for costumes, spooky decorations, and of course, indulging in a sweet and spooky treat โ€“ candy! But what if you're a vegan? Can you still enjoy the thrill of Halloween without compromising your plant-based principles? Absolutely! Let's dive into the world of vegan candy and how it can be a delightful part of your Halloween celebration.

The Vegan Candy Revolution

In recent years, the demand for vegan products has skyrocketed, and the candy industry has been quick to respond. Vegan candy options are now more accessible and diverse than ever before. These treats are free from animal-derived ingredients like gelatin, milk, and honey, making them suitable for vegans and those with dietary restrictions alike.

Vegan Candy Classics

1. **Gummy Goodness**: Remember those chewy gummy bears and worms you loved as a kid? You can still enjoy them without guilt. Many brands now offer vegan gummy candies made with plant-based ingredients like agar-agar or pectin.

2. **Chocolate Delights**: Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Dark chocolate, in most cases, is naturally vegan. Look for chocolates with a high cocoa content, as they are less likely to contain milk products. Some brands even offer vegan milk chocolate alternatives made from ingredients like almond or oat milk. Major companies including Lindt and Hershey's have just started releasing new vegan versions of their chocolates.ย 

3. **Fruity Favorites**: If you're a fan of fruity candies like Skittles or Starbursts, you're in luck. These sugary delights are often vegan-friendly, so you can have a blast with the vibrant flavors.

4. **Crispy Crunch**: Craving something crispy? Many popular candy bars have vegan versions available. Keep an eye out for names like "rice milk" or "crispy" in the candy aisle.

5. **Chewy Caramels**: Love the rich, caramel flavor? There are vegan caramel candies made from coconut milk, rice syrup, or almond butter that capture that same creamy goodness.

Tips for Finding Vegan Candy

When shopping for Halloween candy, here are some handy tips to ensure you're picking vegan-friendly options:

1. **Read Labels**: Always check the ingredients list for animal-derived products such as gelatin, milk solids, or honey. Vegan candy will explicitly state that it's vegan.

2. **Seek Certified Vegan Brands**: Some candies are certified by organizations like Vegan Action or The Vegan Society, making it easier to identify vegan options.

3. **Explore Health Food Stores**: Health food stores often carry a wide range of vegan candy options, including organic and ethically sourced varieties.

4. **Online Shopping**: If you can't find vegan candy in your local stores, the internet is a treasure trove of vegan treats. Many online retailers specialize in vegan and cruelty-free products.


While buying vegan candies is getting easier, what about the candies your kids get from your neighbors? One alternative is the SWITCH WITCH. This invented creature comes Halloween night after Trick or Treating. In a similar vein to Santa, children cannot see her. The collected candy is removed and replaced with either toys or vegan candies! We've done this with our kids and they are often excited to see what the Switch Witch will bring!

A final alternative is to make your own candies!ย There are countless recipes online for vegan versions of classic treats like peanut butter cups, caramel popcorn, and chocolate-covered pretzels. It's a fun way to get creative in the kitchen and share your homemade delights with friends and family during Halloween. However, these candies are better for parties and not for trick or treating, as homemade packaging is often a red flag to parents.


Halloween is a time for everyone to enjoy the magic of the season, regardless of dietary preferences. With the abundance of vegan candy options available, you can savor the sweetness of Halloween without compromising your commitment to a plant-based lifestyle. So, grab a bag of your favorite vegan treats, put on your spookiest costume, and revel in the joy of a vegan-friendly Halloween celebration! ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿฌ๐ŸŒฑ