It's Almost Vegan Thanksgiving

It's Almost Vegan Thanksgiving

This week, my family was saddened to learn that Trader Joe's has discontinued their Turkeyless Holiday Roast, which we typically eat every Thanksgiving. 

So what should we, or you, do this holiday?

Don't worry, Thanksgiving is still the perfect time to express gratitude not only for the blessings in our lives but also for the planet and its inhabitants. Embracing a vegan Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to align our values with our holiday traditions. Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just curious about plant-based options, this guide will help you create a compassionate and delicious Thanksgiving feast.

1. **Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms:**
Kick off your Thanksgiving celebration with mouthwatering stuffed mushrooms. Combine breadcrumbs, garlic, herbs, and vegan cream cheese for a savory and satisfying appetizer.

Main Course:
2. **Roasted Vegetable Wellington:**
Replace the traditional turkey centerpiece with a show-stopping Roasted Vegetable Wellington. Layers of colorful vegetables encased in flaky pastry will impress your guests and satisfy their taste buds.

3. **Lentil Loaf:**
For a hearty and protein-packed main dish, consider a lentil loaf. Seasoned with herbs and spices, this vegan alternative provides a comforting, meaty texture without compromising on flavor.

Side Dishes:
4. **Mashed Maple Sweet Potatoes**
Elevate your Thanksgiving side dish game with creamy mashed sweet potatoes. Top them off with pecans for a delightful combination of sweet and savory.

5. **Quinoa and Cranberry Stuffed Acorn Squash:**
Serve up a taste of fall with quinoa and cranberry-stuffed acorn squash. The vibrant colors and flavors will complement your Thanksgiving spread while offering a nutrient-rich option.

6. **Vegan Green Bean Casserole:**
No Thanksgiving is complete without the classic green bean casserole. Swap out traditional ingredients for vegan alternatives, and your guests won't miss a thing.

7. **Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream:**
Satisfy your sweet tooth with a vegan pumpkin pie. Top it off with coconut whipped cream for a creamy and indulgent finish to your Thanksgiving meal.

8. **Vegan Apple Crisp:**
Showcase autumn's bounty with a warm and comforting vegan apple crisp. Pair it with dairy-free vanilla ice cream for the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving feast.

Recommended Products:
- **Vegan Butter:** Look for plant-based butter alternatives for baking and cooking.
- **Nutritional Yeast:** Add a cheesy flavor to dishes without dairy.
- **Plant-Based Milk:** Whether almond, soy, or oat, choose a non-dairy milk for your recipes.
- **Vegan Cream Cheese:** Use this dairy-free alternative in both sweet and savory dishes.
- **Egg Replacer:** Opt for commercial egg replacers or explore alternatives like flax eggs for baking.

This Thanksgiving, let your table reflect your commitment to compassion and sustainability. With these delectable vegan recipes and recommended products, you can create a feast that not only honors the spirit of Thanksgiving but also celebrates the beauty of a plant-based lifestyle. Happy, compassionate feasting!