Here's to an easier vegan life!

Here's to an easier vegan life!
I started this store because I was tired. 
My husband spent several weeks hunting for a non-leather belt. I picked up bottle after bottle at the grocery story trying to find a facial lotion that's at least marked cruelty-free. Can I decider the long list of seemingly vegan ingredients? Nope. Do I trust that there isn't anything animal derived in the lotion? Hardly. Cruelty-free and vegan are surprisingly not the same thing.
Being a vegan is tiring. Research. Memorizing ingredients. Keeping up on the latest production issues with palm oil. Deciphering labels. Finding one product you like only for the store to stop carrying it...I was done with it.
Putting together The Vegan Life was a labor of love. I did it to solve a problem for all of us. I aimed to make our vegan lives just a little bit easier by offering vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable products all in one place. 
And I hope to add more every week. Sustainable diapers, kids clothes and kid-related products are top of my list. Do you have thoughts about what products you would like to see on this site? Inbox me ( I'll add it to my list! Then I'll hunt down the best, sustainable suppliers out there.
Here's to making the vegan life just a little bit easier! Cheers. 🍾