Vegan News Roundup

Vegan News Roundup

It's been an interesting period for vegan news. 

We'll start with some bad news. Just last week, The Washington Post released an article about struggles in the plant-based meat market. While alternative "meats" have traditionally been vegan, soon some might not be. 

With a number of companies feeling that the plant-based market is saturated, and not attracting enough omnivores, some companies are adding small amounts of animal fats to their meat alternatives. 

Hard stop.

Yeah, you read that right. 

Plant-based was never a guarantee of vegan, but moving forward we suggest reading those labels extra carefully. Look for the word "vegan" and when in doubt, do a quick web search. Alternative meats aren't nearly as healthy as whole food diets, but they're far better for the environment, and there's nothing wrong with occasional vegan junk food. 

As long as it's vegan!

According to the article, Choppy/Paul's Table is the only company adding animal fats so far, but more plant-based meats might soon follow. Hopefully, they do NOT. 

Now, for some good news. 

The Netflix Documentary "You are What You Eat: A Twin Study" Released last month, bringing some long-sought hard proof that to put it simply, it is healthier to eat a vegan diet. 

The fallout from the documentary continues, with more and more people trying a vegan diet. Veganuary participation reached an all-time high, including on our amazing Vegavenger Hunt (congrats to Amber- our grand prize winner!), and in social groups around the internet, we've heard story after story of people curious about veganism after watching the Netflix special. 


If you know someone who might be interested in veganism, but doesn't know where to start, send them to our FREE Ten-Day Challenge! It's a great starting point for the lifestyle. 

And with spring around the corner, now's the great time to consider all the non-diet benefits of veganism too, from cleaning products to beauty to clothes and more! We've got you covered.