#VeganBlackFriday Gift Guide Accessories

#VeganBlackFriday Gift Guide Accessories

Less than a month til #VeganBlackFriday: the Black Friday sale just for #vegans!
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Todays spotlight is on gifts for vegan accessories.  


We're starting with belts again, because we really have the best! Check out our vegan "leather" belts, our crocheted belts, and more.

Click HERE for all of them. 

Vegan Crochet Belt



This holiday, your gift giving could be in the bag. Vegan Life Shop has the best selection of vegan bags, including vegan "leather" options. Whether you're looking for a backpack to bring on your hikes, or a designer satchel to make your friends jealous, this gift is one you'll definitely want to hold onto! 

Vegan Handbag


Not sure what to open your wallet for, while searching for the best gift? Well, how about a new wallet? Our vegan wallets in both vegan "leather" and cork come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including our new iPhone wallets which hold both your phone and your money at once and in style! 

Vegan Wallet