15 lunchbox ideas for picky vegan kids

15 lunchbox ideas for picky vegan kids

If you have a vegan kiddo, packing lunch every day can be a challenge. Especially with a picky eater. Our son won't eat sandwiches. Or any vegetables besides a pickle. Or black beans and other legumes. Anything green is met with suspicion. So, trying to come up with a lunch that is filling and offers up good vegan nutrition can often be a challenge for us. Here are some ideas to fill up your kids lunch box this school year!

1. Vegan bagel with vegan cream cheese. A lot of bagels have around 10 grams of protein, so this makes for a filling and easy lunch.
2. Chik'n nuggets. My kids enjoy the Impossible nuggets, so we stock up whenever we can.
3. Protein pancakes. Our family favorite recipe is the Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes from Tasty.CO and we add 4 scoops protein powder and increase the milk to taste.
4. Multigrain English Muffin Pizza. Multigrain English muffin + marinara + vegan cheese = easy win.
5. Pita and hummus, a classic win, preferably with whole wheat pita bread.
6. Whole wheat wrap with vegan cream cheese and cucumbers. I don't know if my kid will go for it, but I'm willing to try it this year.
7. Tofu salad. An easy tofu salad with vegan mayo and mustard. If your kid eats chickpeas and green onion, throw them in too. 
8. Mac and cheese. We stick to Amy's vegan mac and cheese but you can always make your own from scratch. Need a great recipe? I love the mac and cheese from 30 Minute Vegan.
9. Whole wheat spaghetti. My kids won't eat anything warm, so room temperature is exactly right for them. If you're kid prefers dishes like this and mac and cheese warm, you might want to omit.
10. Protein blueberry muffins. Take any vegan muffin recipe- blueberry or otherwise- and add protein powder and more liquids to balance. 
11. Fruit salad and soy crisps. A good cup of fresh mixed fruit and soy crisps for protein are always a hit.
12. Cheesestake. Protein crumbles, a little bit of soy sauce and some vegan cheese make a great cheesesteak. Add onions and peppers if your kid will eat them.
14. Smoothie in a water tight container (not glass or steel) and granola. 
15. Gyoza. We enjoy vegetable gyoza at home and it travels great at room temperature. 

Have a GREAT school year!

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