Step into your power!

Step into your power!

Mariquita Solis is a Vegan Empowerment Expert who helps vegans who are struggling with frustrations and anger, move to power and peace. She does this through her Vegan Empowerment Coaching Programs. She is an award-winning international speaker, animal ministry leader, livestream host,and group facilitator. Her mission is to empower as many vegans as possible for themselves, the animals and our Mother Earth.

 Sometimes we step away from our power. 

 What does this mean exactly?

 I hear people say that they don't even realize they ever had power. 

Think about when you were a little baby learning to walk, you didn't give up. 

You fell down, you stood right back up.

 You fell down, you cried, but you got back up!

 That was living in power! Nothing was going to stop you.

 As we go through life, we hear things that don’t serve us, we believe them and we lose our confidence. We start to doubt ourselves. We choose thoughts that don't support our greatness. We choose thoughts that disable us. We tear down that Divine Light that shines in our soul.

 So what are the repercussions for this? 

We become terrible advocates for ourselves. 

We're afraid to take risks.  

We hold on to limiting beliefs. 

We cripple ourselves.

And the journey of life continues…

We go out and we want to make a change in the world. 

What's the foundation we're standing on?

 Is it limiting beliefs?

 Is it fear?

 Is it lack?

 We want to advocate for veganism, for plant-based health, but our foundation is shaky.

 How does that impact how we're received?

 Are we standing and speaking from a place of confidence and greatness? 

 I used to live from a place of desperation and fear. I hated myself and self persecution was my world. I woke up in darkness and I tried to create my life. I tried to make a difference in the world, but I had stepped away from my power.

I heard the voices that I heard as a child and throughout my life,

 “You'll never amount to anything, no one will ever love you…”

What was I able to accomplish from this shaky ground? Not much.

 As activists, it's essential that we have confidence in ourselves. That we have unshakeable Power!. We can not be dependent on other people's reactions. We must believe in ourselves and our mission. That has to be what drives us. It's not how other people see us, how they feel about us, or how they respond to us. It is what we believe about ourselves.

Confidence, honor and respect for others will lead as the foundation to advocate for the animals, our planet and ourselves


People will not listen if they don’t feel safe. If they feel judged or attacked, they run. I know, I do. I don’t want to be told what to do or that I am a bad person.

We have to create a safe space for ourselves and for others.

Confidence and peace are the starting points for Power!

How do we start out with Power?

 Most of the time we are running around on autopilot and things play out the same way every single day. We have to step away from this lack of awareness. We have to call on mindfulness. We don't leave it to autopilot. We set the intention for the morning, for the afternoon, and for the evening.

We look to the bigger picture. 

 We live in alignment with our mission in life.

We mindfully feed ourselves loving thoughts.

We stand tall with our heads held high!

We believe in our mission!

 We are ready to shift when we need to shift as we move through the road of life.’

We accept the bumpy roads.

We know roadblocks are coming, but we move over them in grace and acceptance.

We get our fire extinguishers ready before the fire!

Change starts with you!
Feed your Powerful Self!

Your Power is in your soul, ready to support you in your greatest potential!

Do it for the animals, the planet and for yourself!

You Can Do It! 

I Believe In You! 

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