Fill up those Vegan Easter Baskets!

Fill up those Vegan Easter Baskets!

Hey there, friends! Are you looking for some vegan options to fill up an Easter basket? Look no further! I've got you covered with some delicious and cruelty-free treats.

First up, let's talk about chocolate. Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you have to miss out on the Easter tradition of indulging in chocolate. There are plenty of vegan chocolate options out there, such as dark chocolate (my fav) or dairy-free chocolate bunnies. Take a look at No Whey Foods. I've asked the Easter Bunny to deliver a number of these and I'm excited to try them. Yum!

Next, let's add some savory snacks to the basket. How about some vegan fruit snacks or popcorn? We love Trader Joe's herb popcorn. My daughter can't get enough. They come in large bags, so probably won't go in the basket so much as beside it. There are also plenty of vegan cracker options available as well, such as no honey graham crackers and pretzels. 

Finally, let's add some fun and festive items to the basket. How about some vegan-friendly Easter-themed cookies or Yum Earth candies? I love giving my kids a Yum Earth treat every now and again because it doesn't come with nasty food dyes. You could also include some vegan-friendly beauty products, such as a cruelty-free lip balm or hand lotion. The brands we carry are perfect for kids of all ages!

Don't forget about egg decorating fun. There are lots of cruelty-free options to decorate eggs. You can use plastic or wooden eggs and decorate them with special dyes, stickers and markers. Decorating wood eggs is far more sustainable and they become lasting decorations you can add to your home décor each year. White pumpkins, gourds and melons are also great to decorate with bright markers, and they naturally biodegrade when the holiday is over. 

Vegan options for Easter baskets and decorations are plentiful and delicious. Don't be afraid to get creative and mix and match different treats to make the perfect basket for your loved ones.