How to Pack for your Vegan Vacation

How to Pack for your Vegan Vacation

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How to pack for your vegan vacation

Travelling as a vegan always requires a little extra planning and preparation. It's estimated that as many as 12 million people around the world eat a meat-free diet, which means it's easier than ever before to find vegan food while travelling.

However, the popularity of veganism varies between countries and in some places it's simply harder to eat vegan than others. Plus, language barriers can make it tricky to communicate dietary requirements. When you pack the right supplies for your trip, you can prepare for a variety of dining options and be as flexible as possible when it comes to finding vegan food on the road. Here are five essentials to pack for your vegan vacation.

1. Non-perishable vegan snacks

It can be tough to find vegan options when you want to eat on the go on vacation. It's not always easy to decipher ingredients in pre-packaged food, and you might be limited on the variety of food available when visiting sights in remote or rural areas. By bringing along your own non-perishable snacks, you can always have something to hand when hunger strikes. Protein bars, cereal bars, dried fruit, nuts and seeds are all great choices.

2. A cooler bag

A small cooler bag can be extremely useful on a vegan vacation. It allows you to pack yourself a picnic that contains fresh food without worrying about it spoiling. Plus, if you carry it empty and folded up in a backpack, you have the option to buy fresh food when you're out and about to take back to your accommodation. Consider packing some reusable food containers or pouches too for added convenience.

3. Reusable bowl and utensils

If you have some utensils on hand, you can pick up simple vegan ingredients from markets and convenience stores and eat them in your hotel room or on the go. Make sure the bowl you bring is made from a durable material so that it won't break in your luggage. A knife, fork and spoon is usually enough, but it's useful if the knife is serrated or sharp enough to cut up fruit and veggies. [Check out Vegan Life Shop's travel utensils!] Just remember you will be limited to the types of utensils you can take if you’re only travelling with hand luggage, so bear this in mind when packing your essentials.

4. Vitamins, supplements and probiotics

It's common for vegans to take vitamins, supplements and probiotics to ensure they're getting the right nutrition. Vitamin B12 is often deemed the most important supplement to take since vegans are at a higher risk of B12 deficiency than people who eat meat and dairy. If you take supplements regularly, be sure to pack enough supplies to last your entire trip as it might be difficult to find what you need in your destination.

5. Vegan toiletries

Navigating the world of toiletries and cosmetics as a vegan is tricky enough at the best of times. Many of these products contain animal-derived ingredients like albumin, beeswax, glycerol and lanolin. It can be even harder to avoid non-vegan toiletries when away from home and from familiar products, brands and labelling conventions. It's usually wise to avoid using free toiletries provided in hotel rooms, unless they're clearly labelled as vegan. Instead, bring enough of your own supplies to last the entire trip. [Tip: The Vegan Life Shop sells all your vegan toiletry needs!]

Pack for maximum flexibility

The key to a successful vegan vacation is flexibility. The more dining options you have available, the easier it will be to enjoy delicious, nutritious vegan food on the road. Pack with this in mind and you'll be ready for any eventuality.

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