Our Guest: Wandering Vegans

Our Guest: Wandering Vegans

My name is Lucy and I am the creator of the blog, Wandering Vegans! I work remotely as I travel the world, experiencing wondrous vegan food as I go. My blog is all about vegan travel. In each location I visit, I highlight my favorite vegan restaurants, provide tips on how and where to find vegan groceries, budget tips, sustainable travel, and more. I create guides for each place I go, in hopes to provide you with helpful information on your next trip! I also create recipe e-books featuring affordable and easy recipes I like to make while I travel, and veganized versions of each locations cultural foods. Head to my website to check them out!


Or head over to my instagram page to follow my vegan adventures.

I still have many places to see, but a MUST visit location for all Vegans in
the US would be Los Angeles, CA. This city offers an extremely wide array
of options and you will not be disappointed.

One of the most surprising vegan communities I found while traveling was in South Korea. I spent a year here and went expecting there to be few vegan options. However, there is a pretty massive vegan community there, and it is only growing!

My favorite vegan restaurant I have experienced so far was Naked Vegan in Greenville, South Carolina. This spot specializes in soul food and it is to die for! Go on a hike in one of SC’s beautiful state parks, then go to Naked Vegan to refuel!