Your Guide to Living Your Best Vegan Life!

Your Guide to Living Your Best Vegan Life!

The best part about running this store is sharing my 15+ years of experience being a vegan. My husband and I put together a guide for you:

Living Your Best Vegan Life

This guide includes:

  • Some amazing sustainable and vegan businesses you need to check out!
  • Tips for moving your vegan commitment beyond the plate and into your life and home
  • Resources to find vegan doctors, businesses, restaurants, wine and more
  • Tips for reducing waste and moving towards sustainability
  • Lessons learned on vegan parenting from me and my husband
  • 5 tips for building muscle on a vegan diet, from trainer Joshua Sakover
  • An interview with vegan travel agent Donna Zeigfinger of Green Earth Travel 

Thanks for joining us on this journey to a more sustainable, healthy, cruelty-free world!