Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Vegan Life Shop!

We'd like to share our Christmas menu, in hopes that it might inspire yours, and hope that everyone has a delightful holiday!

Our favorite holiday cookbook is Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe which has wonderful recipes for holidays year round, including Christmas, Passover, and Thanksgiving. 

Christmas Morning for us involves a French Toast Coffee Cake. French toast soaked in a delightful vegan cream cheese sauce and baked in a springform pan and served with fresh strawberries. It's an annual family hit! Tip: premake this dish and then just heat it Christmas morning. 

Our main Christmas meal involves

homemade bread

broccoli rabe with toasted hazelnuts and shallots

green bean almandine

an assortment of vegan sausage and meatballs

and a special baked gnocchi with roasted red pepper sauce. 


The secret to the baked gnocchi is Trader Joes cauliflower gnocchi (lighter in consistency than normal gnocchi) and the English Farmhouse Smoked Cheese by Miyokos. This cheese is so unique (and not sold anywhere near us) that we order it just for this dish!  


And dessert is a chocolate mint pie and an assortment of cookies. Our favorites include vegan magic bars and vegan Mexican Wedding Cookies. 


No matter what your tradition, we wish your family a very happy holiday season! If you haven't seen it yet, we have a new FREE 10 Day Challenge Guide to help you embrace or augment your vegan journey!