Join the Veganuary Scavenger Hunt!

Join the Veganuary Scavenger Hunt!


Welcome to Veganuary and the Vegavenger Hunt! Organized by the Vegan Life Shop, this is the best month to learn about new vegan businesses. Veganuary is a time when many people are trying veganism. But veganism is far more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle. The Vegavenger Hunt seeks to draw attention to veganism beyond food. 

There are seven participating businesses and organizations in the hunt. And hidden on each site's blog is a SECRET NUMBER. To enter the hunt, you'll need to:

1) Visit all seven sites and add the numbers

2) Sign up on the form below with your email, name, and the SUM of all numbers. 

And to help you out, I'll share that The Vegan Life Shop's secret number is 30. Wow, just like that you've got a head start. 

We’re vegan because we care about animals, health, and the environment. We’re committed to the Earth and are glad you are too. Did you know that we offer hundreds of vegan goods from clothing to beauty and more? The vegan lifestyle is about far more than just diet. If you're not sure what we mean by that, try our FREE 10-Day Vegan Life Challenge. It's filled with tips on how to start your vegan journey, or how to go beyond diet even if you've been vegan for years. For instance, did you know there are vegan doctors and travel planners? We've many tips like that. 


For this Vegavenger Hunt we’re happy to offer a special discount of 25% off. We love the Earth and love our customers too. Don't forget that our favorite number is 30 you’ll need that number if you want to enter the amazing Vegavenger Hunt for a chance to win these amazing prizes:




PRIZES (enter to win ALL OF THIS)

A $150 VeganLifeShop Shopping Spree

A Free Night Stay at a Vegan B and B (value $120)

A Professionally designed Vegan Meal Plan (value $70)

No Meat Allowed Cookbook (value $65)

Vegan Marketing Success Stories eBook (value $10)

Private Vegan Health Coaching and Meditation Session (value $222)


A PETA mega-pack of 2 glasses, a shot glass, two tote bags, a wristband, a PETA sticker set, and a signed paperback copy of Animalkind by PETA president Ingrid Newkirk (value of pack $200)





To enter, be sure to visit all the participating groups and add up all those numbers. Then use the form below before noon eastern time on January 31, and you’ll be entered to win! Good luck!

The other Vegavenger Participants are:

PETA - This group has fought for animal rights for a long time- scroll down to Jan 13, on their January guide, for their secret number (hint- it's percentage mentioned right on that date).

The Ranchos Vegano Bed and Breakfast - A vegan B and B near Tuscon

Yvonne O'Halloran - plant-based dietician and author

Believe it, it's Vegan - Vegan restaurant in Delaware  

Balanced Health Consciousness - Megan is a vegan medical intuitive based in South Africa

Sandra Nomoto, Vegan author and content creator 


Here's the form below to sign up.

You MUST SIGN UP BELOW with Email, name, and the SUM of all numbers

Good luck!