Product Spotlight: Chocolate Shampoo Bar

Product Spotlight: Chocolate Shampoo Bar

Mixing it up on the blog with a PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT.

Chocolate shampoo? You read that right.

This was one of the first products this store carried, and among the first I bought for my husband. I remember his face when he unwrapped the gift. Chocolate shampoo? A shampoo bar instead of a giant plastic pump? He was skeptical, but now won't wash his hair with anything else. 

By ditching the plastic bottle, this handmade shampoo bar by Butter Me Up Organics is completely sustainable. Made from Cocoa Butter and Cocoa powder along with organic oils, this bar creates a delicious smelling lather that will leave your hair clean and refreshed. In fact, it works as either shampoo or soap, or both? Why not clean in chocolate? Those who kiss you will appreciate it!