Relaxing From the Winter of Sick

Relaxing From the Winter of Sick

Now is the winter of our discontent...

While I type, my young daughter is shivering. She's yet again gotten a fever. We've been fortunate to escape the Covid pandemic in good health, yet this winter feels like a never-ending barrage of illness. Our children each attend school, and the barrage of sickness has been relentless. 

All I want this spring is a moment of relaxation. One thing that really helps me is to surround myself with calming scents. Did you know Vegan Life Shop offers an array of vegan candles? Each handcrafted candle is gently scented to relax and replenish. Beyond the home, we also offer oil diffusers for the car! These simple wooden diffusers sit on your dashboard and can help add essential oils to your commute. Relax before and after work with these calming scents right on the road!

I hope however you relax, you fins some solace in this period of illness!

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