Finding a Vegan Doctor

Finding a Vegan Doctor

When I was pregnant, I noticed a pattern with my OB. Every time I had a checkup, the doctor would say everything looked fine...and then get a look on her face. "But you're vegan," she'd emphasize. Word for word that phrase appeared at every exam, and soon became her excuse to run extra tests, order extra bloodwork, and go over extra concerns. She thought I couldn't possibly be healthy, or eating protein, and maybe I had gestational diabetes. But I was healthy and had no valid concerns. 

Being vegan isn't a problem. It's a solution.

My primary doctor helped set things straight. But only because my primary doctor is vegan herself. In fact, despite years of medical training, many omnivore doctors simply don't understand vegan needs. From the myth of not getting enough to protein from plants, to the downright falsehood that animal products are necessary. Once we found plant-based healthcare, our lives dramatically improved. 

I highly recommend the search engine to locate a plant-based practitioner near you. And for other areas of your life where you might not realize the changes you can make to help your vegan journey, check out our FREE ten-day guide 




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