What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

When you shop from the Vegan Life Shop, you're making a conscious effort to help the planet. Veganism is a huge step towards fighting climate change. In fact, researchers at Stanford and Berkley found that a move towards veganism is “our best and most immediate chance to reverse the trajectory of climate change,” It is fairly clear that moving to vegan products offsets water use and lessons emmisions, but what about shipping? After all, this is an online business and our sustainable vegan goods still need to be shipped.

The Vegan Life Shop is part of the Shopify Sustainability Fund. What this means is that part of the cost of every purchase goes towards carbon-offset. The carbon footprint of each order is calculated using an app, and then an equal amount is credited towards the fund. These resources include planting trees and direct carbon-capture technologies. 

In other words, what we emit in carbon, we make sure to take out in carbon as well. Carbon-neutral.

Not all businesses go this extra mile for the planet, but we believe sustainability and the environment are critical for the future!

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