Veg-alentines Day

Veg-alentines Day

It's nearly time for Valentines! 

If you're looking for a romantic treat for the special vegan in your life, we've got the best options. 

We've mentioned our Chocolate Shampoo/Soap before, and it remains a winner for this holiday. 


Be sure to also check out our essential oil vegan Perfumes!


Did you know our essential oil perfume blends smell are completely organic and smell amazing? This is a wonderful, romantic gift. We also have a roll on Arise perfume. 

For the gentlemen, be sure to check out our full line of Men's Care products, including our Sandalwood Soap, currently on sale. 

And don't forget our shampoo and conditioner set which comes with a particular shape you might recognize...

In short, you'll LOVE all the great offerings at Vegan Life Shop!