Vegan Travel Tips with Veggies Abroad

Vegan Travel Tips with Veggies Abroad

Guest post with Rebecca Sawicki of Veggies Abroad!

Vegan Travel Tips for 2023

Hey! I’m Rebecca, the creator of the vegan travel blog and consulting company, Veggies Abroad. The blog features mouthwatering lineups of must-eat vegan food, action-packed travel guides, trip tips, and so much more for a variety of destinations around the globe.

It's my goal to amplify the voices of all the fantastic vegan and ethical businesses I find during my travels and inspire all of you to support them too!

Many of you are probably considering planning trips for the end of the year (maybe escape the cold like me?!) or into 2023 but might worry about traveling as a vegan.

Worry no more — I’ve got you!

Before you load up the car or stuff your bag under the seat in front of you, check out my favorite vegan travel tips to ensure smooth sailing.


#1 Bridge the language barrier

If you're traveling somewhere and English isn't the first language, you need to learn a little bit of their vegan lingo! I always make flashcards before I visit a destination with key phrases like:

“Is this vegan?”

“I would like a coffee with oat milk?”

“I don’t eat meat or dairy.”

If you want a little help, you can sign up for my newsletter and receive five language cheat sheets with popular phrases — all you have to do is practice!


#2 Pack snacks

If you get delayed, your special meal gets missed, or maybe you're just tired from all that walking, you're going to want a snack! Be sure to pack various things like nuts, protein/meal replacement bars, oatmeal, etc. I never leave home without a snack or two, no matter how near or far I’m going.


#3 Use vegan travel guides

I had to throw this one in there! If you'd rather skip researching markets, restaurants, and shops, check out my vegan travel guide lineup. They cover a variety of cities in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. They can help you find great places to eat and shops to visit, along with vegan-friendly hotels, things to do, and more!



#4 Consider staying at a vegan or vegan-friendly hotel

Some of you might have read that and done a double take — a vegan hotel?! No way! Yes, way, my friends. They really do exist — in small and large towns around the globe. Many offer breakfast and other meals throughout the day, so you don't have to worry about getting hangry.

When we visited the Finger Lakes, we were able to stay at a vegan B&B and a vegan-friendly one — this was amazing not only for the experience but then we didn’t have to worry about breakfast which was a lifesaver.

Check out my lineup of great vegan hotels and B&Bs in the US and Europe.

#5 Save everything to Google Maps

When you find a restaurant, market, or shop that you want to visit, make sure you save it on Google Maps! This way, when you're out exploring, you can see what you're nearby or plan how you can get to it. This is way more efficient than flipping back to a Word Doc or a piece of paper to keep track of all the places you want to visit.


I hope these travel tips ease any of your fears and help you plan the best adventure!

- Rebecca!